What is Enterprise Content Management?

ECM encompasses the strategy, methods and tools used to store, secure, manage, preserve and deliver all forms of information across an enterprise. ECM includes content management, digital asset management, document capture, records management, search, collaboration and workflow management. The solutions we design reach across all corners of the enterprise and are carefully implemented for maximum user adoption. This approach ensures optimum value from your ECM investment. Enterprise Content Management.

To enhance the agility and availability of information, Maxosys provides an information based architecture for organizations ECS solutions that addresses the emerging requirements for advanced content management capabilities such as information taxonomy, master metadata management, content classification, and analytics. We also deploy and support solutions with proven methodologies and framework including solution accelerators accordingly.

Maxosys ECM Enterprise Services

  • We provide base content infrastructure including repositories, integration, business process management, and regulatory compliance to address ECM solutions.
  • To make the speedy and timely availability of the correct data, we integrate business systems through enterprise level document classification, unified search, and advanced tools for analytics for sifting data.
  • To ensure assured delivery on multiple devices, we also facilitate end-user sophistication to access content.